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From our many years of experience, we have compiled a listing of questions and answers which we hope will assist you in selecting a Photographer and Videographer.

   Can I see a sample of your work?

Yes, it is important to see photographs and albums as well as an actual copy of the videographer's work in order to compare the style and quality for even lighting, picture and color quality, level audio and smooth editing. BE AWARE that most studios will show you demonstration tapes and albums which are not indicative of their work. At Mit-Bark, we show you photographs and videos of actual parties representing the quality of work you will receive.
   Does your studio specialize in video?

Yes, photography and videography are two very different mediums, each requiring special skills. At our studio we specialize in both. Most other studios contract their work out to freelance videographers.
   Will the video interfere with your photography?

No. Low lighting combined with our professional techniques enable us to capture your special moments without interfering with your photographer or bothering your guests.
   Why should I video my affair?

After the music has stopped, the guests have gone and the clothing has been put away, the only way to relive the affair is with video. Each time you play your video , it will rekindle the memories of your magical experience.
   What is the difference between Unedited, Camera Edited and Studio Edited?

An unedited video is raw footage. A camera edited video is raw footage with some in-camera fades and wipes. Our studio edited video includes digital special effects, titles, video and audio inserts, varied camera angles, logical assembly and a breathtaking flashback sequence. In other words our studio edited video transforms the raw footage into a "T.V. PRODUCTION" starring you and your guests.